Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Easter Challenge

Here it is, my challenge entry for April. I hosted Easter dinner at my house this year. I worked very hard getting the house cleaned, meal planned and planning my table. Here is how it turned out.

Easter tablescape
I went with a nest theme. I made individual chocolate cakes and decorated them like a nest with chocolate robin's eggs in the middle.

Easter tablescape
I found a tutorial on folding napkins to look like bunnies. They would have turned out better if my napkins were a bit bigger.

Easter tablescape In keeping with the nest theme, I also made a pillow with what I hope looks like a nest on it.

handmade nest pillow
Here are a few more random pics!

Easter tablescapeEaster tablescapeEaster tablescape
I look forward to next month's challenge!

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  1. Love it! And yes, the pillow does look like a nest! Great work Erica! Love the round placemats and the centerpiece as well!
    May Challenge...I already shot my $5 budget on 2 things of RIT dye...uh, yea.