Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wow, It has been a long time!

So much has happened since we last spoke.   Most important....we moved to a new house!  It has been a long and mostly exciting adventure.  We "swapped" houses with my sister.  She had a 6 bedroom two story house in town and we had a smaller ranch in the country.  She is going through a divorce and needed to downsize and with us fostering now, we needed more room.  Moving day was organized chaos to say the least!  It was gorgeous weather the week prior to move in day but we woke up to snow the morning of.  (Figures!)  We worked through it and after 12 hours, two falls (me included), some broken glass and a tv dropped face down, we were moved.  (For the most part)  I don't have many pictures because someone (nobody is taking credit) dropped my camera and broke it.  I am hosting Easter at my house this weekend so I will snap some even if it is with the phone.